Friday, November 9, 2012

According to BBC Shakespeare Animated Tales-Julius Caesar, Brutus supposed to not kill Julius Caesar because it only makes Romans rebel especially Mark Antony. Brutus should think about the murdering deeply and do not follow on Cassius advice.

Julius Caesar is the most influence people in Rome, Brutus should know that. By killing Rome dictator, it only put himself in trouble. Even though Caesar was not a good person but he still loves Brutus. He provides the best education for Brutus and Brutus have to think wisely before make the decision to kill his adopted father.

Brutus should realize without Caesar he is nothing. By killing Caesar is not a noble motive but it is more to revenge because the idea derives from Cassius not him. Cassius seems like to hate on Caesar because he had all the title and respect from Romans even though he is a bad person.

Caesar is an old man and he would not protect himself if all the 12 persons attack him. The consequences of the murder also not been thought by Brutus, because of Cassius words he does not think the results on his action.

In conclusion, Brutus has no reason to kill his adopted father because Caesar is an old man. Brutus actually did not respect him as a father although Caesar had killed thousands of people but he still cares on Brutus.

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Lia Azhar said...

Agree with you, murdering is not a good way to solve a problem

ika hassan said...

simple and easy to understand.

rifhan hadi said...

caesar was an old man
an old man should let the stronger(Brutus) to lead the Romans
but caesar did not let Brutus to lead the romans (to have better life)
thus, caesar did not let his people to have better life.

so, Brutus was on the right track

rifhan hadi said...

caesar was an old man,
an old man should let the stronger(Brutus) to lead the country to be better,
but, Caesar didnt let Brutus lead the Romans (for a better life)
thus, Caesar didint want his people have better life

anis yumi said...

as you say in your blog, brutus kill his father because at that time he was confuse and at the same time Cassius forced Brutus