Saturday, August 25, 2012


1.             Discuss whether or not Tun Abdul Razak's son, our current prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib is continuing his father's legacy primarily in affirmative action policy.

     From time to time, Malaysia had been a very peaceful country in Asia. But in May 13th 1969, riots between races are ruined our country. Because of that, Malaysia has to find a way out to cool down the fire of politics.  Malaysia Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman hired Tun Abdul Razak to manage the chaos. Eventually, he successfully embraced the races trust and be a saviour towards our country.


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     After a few years, in 1971, Malaysia came out with a new strategy to overcome poverty among Malays by prevail New Economic Policy (NEP). New Economic Policy has been through all over the district and state, soon after it attains its mission. The mission is to drag Malay’s people from cocoon of deprivation.


     From my view, Datuk Seri Najib is continuing his father legacy by raise up the Malays economy standard in affirmative action Policy. Until now, Malay’s race is able to stand in the same level as Chinese and Indian. As a current Prime Minister, he has to be a good listener towards his people so that, he manages to unite all races. If he does not hold on with his father’s idea he will not achieve what had been accomplished by his father. He also make an adjustment of his father’s notion by existed a New Economic Model to drive an equality economy status and finally sustain the social harmony.

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Rudolph Von Manheim said...

good points and it will be greater points if you give a better evidence...

Lia Azhar said...

My POV is Malays still cannot stand with the same level with other races especially the Chinese