Sunday, August 5, 2012

eureka moment

Attention is what to be focus. “Our brain can only focus one thing at the time”. (David Copperfield). In daily life, we have to focus in many things but we cannot hub all the changes around us. For instance, sometimes we do not notice one of our friends cut her/his hair even though we are seeing each other every day in class. While enjoying ‘Test Your Brain’ by National Geographic, my interest on eureka moment trigger because the documentary make me realise how our brain works in making decision and focusing on subjects.

 In game number 1, the magician fool our brain with the changes of the situation in the set. This show us how is brain focusing in one thing at the time. We can even see the changes before we been told by the narrator and that part we realise the situation have been fluctuated. The eureka’s moment occurred.

Another eureka’s moment I had while enjoying this documentary is game number four (street magic). This game is really attract my attention because the magician attain to nab someone attention. He manipulates them and steal their valuable things even a watch. Attention is limited actually because we cannot track down the changes even though it is in front of our eyes.


Listening to the radio and reading some notes in front of the television are called multitasking. Most of us are able to do several things in one time. We can do many things in one time because we are get used into it, we already do that almost daily, so that, we manage to do it precisely. Nevertheless, people are unable to be a multitasked person anyway because our brain cannot undertake and focus separate matters.


The last eureka moment I had in the documentary is hypnotism. The hypnotist succeed to hypnotise people mind and easily to command them to implement something. This is how people manage to make a decision without realisation from the victim. Eureka’s moment happened here because I can relate it in spellbound.


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Rudolph Von Manheim said...

simple and informative... good and easy...

Lia Azhar said...

That pictures make me dizzy, HAHA. But good explaination