Sunday, September 30, 2012

FROM HELL: Johnny Depp ^_^

1.    question:

           Distinguish between facts and fictions that are portrayed in the movie @ Which aspect of the plot that is accurate to the historical fact in the JTR murders and which aspect of the plot that is based on the filmmakers' own imagination.

             After spending two hours to examine ‘From Hell’ I can conclude the murderer was a notorious in that era. In 1888, there is a person who likes to kill a prostitute in Whitechapel known as ‘Jack the Ripper’. He kills and mutilates his victims meanly. The news of it is extremely disseminated around London; many of Londoners assume the killer is a Jewish because they do not like them manipulate the economy in that time. 


        According on the film, the names of victims are accurate; the filmmakers did not exaggerate on it. The condition of the victims dies also followed the facts. Next, the chronology of the victims killed also the same with the fact given.




             Jack the Ripper is a surgeon. Before inspector Abberline; an investigator in charged, found the exactly killer, he named several of suspect. One of the suspect names is Benjamin Kidney but his name does not even stated in the book. Then, the second lady (Annie Chapman) was killed at Hanover Street but she had been killed at Hanbury Street according to the fact. For the last case, in the film, the heart of the victim is taken out and the killer put it in the kettle. Meanwhile, the fact is the victim heart is gone. Furthermore, in film, inspector Abberline is a heavily opium addict. Lastly, Marry Jean Kelly was not murdered in the film instead, the one who killed is her friend named Ada a girl from France. In the text, it does not happen.


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anis yumi said...

you conclude that the film From Hel the murderer was a notorious in that era. that man really like to kill the women, i think he crazy. i like what you write about facts and fiction in the movie.

Raja Anuar Fahmi Raja Anuar Shahimi said...

good explanation friends...i like it...

Lia Azhar said...

That coloured font really helps me in finding your keywords easily

Syed Norazli Syed Kamaruzzaman said...

i think that the director From Hell is an imaginary person due to the story line of this i aware, that there are several differences such as the character of the Inspector by Johnny Depp, and the survival of Mary Kelly..