Sunday, September 9, 2012


      Based on the facts presented in this documentary are you convinced that fast food is the main cause of obesity in United States and around the world?




             Burgers, fries, sodas, bagel, and all fast food make us craving. We love to consume all those foods because we are enthusiast into it. Even though most of us an impact of taking fast food in frequent but we do not take any precaution. In Malaysia, Nowadays, diabetes, heart diseases and stroke have been shot up compared to 1980’s. Cancer also derives from food intake. 

        It is not a sin to consume fast food as long we know the limit. We can take once a week if we are drooling into it. We cannot simply fulfill our desire to have fast food as a daily meal. Although we are too busy in handling our career but we have to take care our digestive system because all those health problems comes from the food that we take.

       Based on the documentary, fast food companies should be blame because they are providing a silly huge size of portion by only added up around $0.30-$1.00, this encourage people to go for ‘Super Size’ because they think it is an economical price with a big plate of a meal. Something develops a wonderful taste on each of the hamburgers or a soda is a food drugs that derives from chemical change in those food substances. These makes people addicted and want it over and over again. 


Therefore, I strongly agree that fast food drives people around the world into obesity. As we can see the ingredients in the fast food did not make any sense, for instance, a bottle of fine sugar only for a week of sodas. This is ridiculous why we consuming something bad to our health. Health is wealth!


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Rudolph Von Manheim said...

i again agree with your answer...

Lia Azhar said...

You have a great writing skill. I enjoy reading it